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Weatherford Music Academy is the #1 choice for music lessons in Weatherford TX

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Making music FUN and approachable for anyone who wants to learn!

Private Lessons Available

Why us?

At Aledo Music Academy, our focus is on creating an experience for our students that lifts them up, pushes them past limits, and encourages them to pursue their heart's desire. We love music, but we stand for so much more.

Aledo Music Academy is the #1 choice for piano lessons in Aledo TX

Education Concierge Service

Your experience with us doesn't end when your lesson is over. Have a question about an instrument? Want to have access to our curriculum resources? We are here to help and assist you personally.

Aledo Music Academy is the #1 choice for violin lessons in Aledo TX

Teachers who care

Our teachers love what they do, and they all have practical, real-world musicianship as part of their pedigree. You can read more about all of our teachers below!

Aledo Music Academy is the #1 choice for ukulele lessons in Aledo TX

Freedom to try new things

We don't limit our students. We know their interests can change, and we want them to feel free to explore new things. That's why we give students to try different instruments and switch into different programs!


Professional Teachers




days per


Our Happy Community


Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

Weatherford Music Academy is the #1 choice for music lessons in Weatherford TX

“The crew welcomed us in and treated us like family the second we walked through the doors. Every time we have a lesson I feel like we're getting special treatment, but I'm sure everyone gets treated like this. My daughter (6) is learning to play ukulele while I'm learning guitar. Not only am I learning songs I want to play, but I'm learning chords to play alongside my daughter. So when my daughter wants to play twinkle twinkle little star, I can jam with her!”

Rey L.

Great teachers, great lessons, guaranteed.

Our instructors are background-checked, parents are welcome in our lesson rooms, and we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on every individual lesson.

Meet Our Directors

Aledo Music Academy is the #1 choice for music lessons in Aledo TX

Director, Co-founder

Aledo Music Academy

Weatherford Music Academy

Phoenix holds his degree from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, the world’s leading school for contemporary music. This, along with real-world performance and teaching experience set the foundation for the focus of the Weatherford Music Academy -- a focus on both letting students focus on the music they love, and educating parents on all of the different avenues available for performance, education, growth that is relevant to the world today.

Dani Profile 2020.jpeg
Danielle Rose

Director, Co-Founder

Aledo Music Academy

Weatherford Music Academy

Danielle earned her Master's degree, completed her 5th year of teaching professionally, and completed her Principal’s certification all by the age of 25.  In addition to this, she also helped found the Weatherford Music Academy and Parker County Scholars homeschool program. She's been an educator for over 7 years and now helps manage the Academy's growth!

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