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Woodwind & Brass

at Aledo Music Academy

Space is Limited! - Text us at (817)-765-6888

flute lessons for kids and adults near me in aledo tx

The Experience

clarinet lessons for kids and adults near me in aledo tx
FUN and Knowledgeable Instructors

Our instructors who teach band instruments generally have experience and training as middle or high school band directors, and have years of experience playing. We have instructors who have helped students gain scholarships or progress to a regional and state level for playing band instruments like clarinet and flute.

woodwind lessons for kids and adults near me in aledo tx
Individualized Lessons

Whether they are learning flute, clarinet, oboe, or another woodwind instrument, our teachers get to know their students on a personal level, so they can create a program that will meet their needs and help them to continue making progress while staying motivated!

brass lessons for kids and adults near me in aledo tx
Beginners, Adults, and Aspiring All-Staters

We've got a plan for you, whether your student is just starting out, or they've been playing for a while and are preparing for a big audition. Or even if YOU are an adult student wanting to pick an instrument up you learned years ago, we will tailor the lesson to meet your needs!

What Parents Have to Say

Truly a family atmosphere. What I mean by this is they don’t treat you like a customer, but rather like we are all family. My daughter and I both take lessons here and we have learned so much in just the past month and a half, it’s unbelievable. My daughter, only 6 years old, can play a song on the ukulele already without even looking at her music sheet. The instructors are inspiring, uplifting, and at the same time challenging you to do better. I am glad we found this place!

Rey L.

Top class music teachers. They teach a variety of instruments and vocals. Teaching all age students. If you have ever wanted to learn an instrument set up a tour and find out how they can make your dream a reality.

Laurie A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an instrument to get started?

For Band instruments, yes you would need to have an instrument to get started. However, if you'd like to come by our studio and have a meet & greet with one of our instructors, we're also happy to provide recommendations on affordable instruments such as clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, and more, so you can make an informed decision and get started with learning!

Want to know more?

What is the cost?

‍All of our private lessons, regardless of instrument, are priced conveniently at an average of $32.50 per lesson*
To give our students the greatest possible benefit of music lessons, we offer only a month-to-month package with no long-term contract.

*Assumes 4, 30-minute lessons in a given month. Please note that some months may contain 5 weeks, and others 3. Our full calendar is available here for reference.

After reserving your spot, you will be billed for 4 monthly private lessons at the first of each month ($130/mo). No need to worry about missing a lesson as we have an Unlimited Group Make Up system. That means your student can jump in on as many bonus classes as needed, whenever it is convenient to you!

The cost to reserve your time slot today is $50 for kids and $25 for adults. Becoming a member of the Academy requires this once annual fee which helps us to provide incredible performance opportunities and top quality equipment for our students to use, as well as our Musical Ladder System of trophies, wristbands, and certificates!

Our Academy is one of the fastest-growing in the nation, and time slots go quickly! Text or call us at (817)-765-6888 and we'll be with you in a jiffy!

How do I register?

Registration is super fast and easy, and you can actually complete it right from your phone!

Because our programs and schedules are all personalized, we do need to speak with you to confirm your registration details and the timing of lessons. Please give us a call to register and we are happy to answer any other questions you may have!

Start the process now! Just text "I'm ready to get registered" to (817)-765-6888, call us, or e-mail

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Woodwind & Brass

at Aledo Music Academy

Space is Limited! - Call or text us at (817)-765-6888

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